Clearlite offers the option to apply a Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN treatment to Clearlite showers* before they leave the factory.
This service takes the hassle out of arranging for the treatment to be applied once the shower has been installed.

*Excludes Cezanne Showers

Put simply, Diamond Fusion is a permanent treatment designed to seal and protect glass. Treated surfaces become water repellent as well as scratch, stain and impact resistant.
Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN uses the world’s leading Nano Technology products from “Diamon-Fusion International”. Nanoscale technologies are the development and use of devices that have a size of only a few nanometers.

Glass is not as smooth as you might think – it is actually quite a porous surface which makes an ideal setting for soap residue, dirt and mineral build ups to reside which, over time can result in a cloudy or noticeably dull appearance. Diamond Fusion Easy Clean works in two stages to protect your glass from these impurities.
The first stage “Fills in” the rough, porous surface of the glass and the second stage “Caps” the previous layer with an optically clear material which makes the surface significantly
easier to clean and resistant to weathering.

Diamond Fusion easyCLEAN offers an instant 1 year warranty.
By a simple on-line registration customers can extend this to a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Diamond Fusion is the only supplier to offer a factory supported LIFETIME WARRANTY to customers, which is backed by a NZ wide agent network.

Visit or call Diamond Fusion directly on 0800 666 785

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